TAFAREG Pattukku Paattu

So this friday it was yet another function, this time organized by TAFAREG and Lucky group, they had invited the all round famous very popular Tamil announcer B.H.Abdul Hameed of Radio Ceylon and Abdul Jabbar from Sri Lanka, and organized the most famous format in the TV entertainement world, paattukku paattu. B.H.Abdul Hameed is very famous for his impeccable voice and his way of speaking in Tamil with an unique high pitch voice and lovely to hear tamil language from programme.

We went very early at 4.PM to the International Indian Embassy School Auditorium and we can already find lots of other families already there. By 5 evening the auditorium is fully packed. The Indian Ambassodor who is very much loved by the tamil community here and the cheif guest, the Sri Lankan Ambassador, B.H.Abdul Hameed and other guests arrived at around 6.30 pm and everything started at around 7.pm. The only irking thing was to wait for 2 and half hours for the function to start and since Riyadh is a place where entertainement is very scarce and hard to find we can see that all the people are waiting patiently with thier kids at one place in a jam packed environment.

The dias was filled with Ambassodor and many more people. I have been following the RTS since thier first programme when Solomon Pappaiyaa was invited and RTS, TAFAREG all have grown very much. Also some self styled celebraties were also born in this process and many of them were in the dias. I was afraid that all of them are going to start speaking and waiting to get thier mike and all the evening will be ruined. Thank God , the ambassodor gave his speech and he was very much candid enough saying that he and the people are here to hear B.H.Abdul Hameed entertain but still it was around 8.30 that the function started.

The main organizer for this whole event is Mr Imthias who is one of the nice guys I have come across through and very much different than other self styled celebraties. His speech was short and effective and there was one speaker asking the ambassador for a NRI minister in Tamil Nadu as was in kerela. My dear friend, whole kerala people are in Gulf and even thier government can function in Gulf just kidding... but it was a good suggestion as fairly lot amount of people from Tamil Nadu are expatriates.

The first program was a quizz programme for shcool children and Mr.Abdul Jabba did this event interestingly

The second program was 'vella mudinthaal vellungal' and a couple is invited to the stage and they have to act and find an old tamil proverb. Most of the couples invited were again celebraties

The next one was a wonderful radio program depicting the famous Mughal rulers Akbar and his son Saleem and ther love saga. Mr.Abdul Jabbar was brilliant in this radio show. Was very happy to see a live Radio Show by radio experts. Thanks to TAFAREG and Lucky for this special radio event.

The last one was the most anticipating Paattukku Paattu and this is what the whole audience have come to watch and it started at around 10.30 pm night. It was very intersting by the way B.H.Abdul Hameed conducted the show and it was nice to see local people coming to stage singing and enjoyoing themselves. But it was very short and within less than one hour they finished the program leaving many disappointed.

The main sponsor of the program is the famous Lucky Group and they have done a great service to the community by sponsoring this event. Another sponsor was UniNet marketing and they had some prizes and I got one prize from UniNet marking from a draw. They called me from my mobile to confirm my identity and said that at the end I will receive my prize. But when pattukku paatu was over they announced that prizes will be given after the national anthem and after end of everything. I felt very bad and I decided not to receive the prize and walked away.

Over all there were some nice moments from B.H.Abdul Hameed and Mr Abdul Jabbar when he emotionally sang his song and some good entertainment. The only dispappointment is if the organizers can make the dias formalities a bit short instead of garlanding all 2 dozen people sitting in the dias and wasitng our time allowing them to speak for minites and then wrapping the main event very fast for which the people had to come to watch. All together it was some entertainemnt and bit of Show Biz . Congratulations to TAFAREG and Mr.Imthias and Lucky for this yet another wonderful show. Hope next year we will have more

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