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XPWeb could be your choice if you have a php environment and the best one in my opinion. Installing is a breeze as usual and the product is mature and reliable. It is more flexible in user management and creating profiles. It comes default with many roles like developer, admin, coach and so on and has the flexibility of creating your own profile if you wish and the access control also works great.

The project planning is perfectly done and creating iterations and stories is a breeze and less painful. You will enjoy creating itertaions for a week and adding the stories and tasks absolutley with less pain and it will make you great to follow the iterations and complete your iterations and thus feeling great abt your methodology and programming. 

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use xpweb as your xp tool

If you are used to extreme programming techniques (agile methodology - if you are new to this then see resources at the end) then you must sure be carving for a xp tool for your programming purposes. Actually you can have some thing called index stories , which you might simply write it on some index cards with story number, priority and description during your initial meetings and creating iterations and so on, writing sticky notes and things like that. (you might also be interested in scrum)

That kind of process works for big teams with big projects and so on. If you dont want to get used to that kind of process why not use a xp tool?.

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font secrets

I am writing this blog seeing from the article from the famous iSeries authority Mr.Joe Pluto. He is well known for his product for modernizing legacy iSeries apps and his famous iSeries articles and lotta books. This time his tech tip on mcPressOnline was about font secrets. I was just curious what was that about fonts in programming . But since I am a big fan of Pluto's writings I read that and it was really useful one.Whew fonts for programmers.

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free ebooks resource

While browsing the net happened to see this site which is containing many of the free ebooks to be downloaded for java to .Net to any subject. Free ebooks man and make use of it
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Jasper i report1.2.5 genaration.

Hi, i am new to this report generation. I have assigned a task of generating reports from my project. Actually we are using Oracle 10g and Oracle (10g)ApplicationServer for this application. I have se the classpath with corrresponding jar files(commons-beanutils, collections, digester, logging and jasperreports1.2.5) of the lib in the class path of java. Further what i have to do? I dont know how to proceed further. can you help me and guide me?
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MyEclipse IDE

I was evaluating the trial version of MyEclipse IDE workbench for a while and I am very much impressed, it has everything you want as a Java server side developer.

Check out the plug in yourself at and it is priced very cheap for the features it offers. It supports almost all the app servers on earth and the wizards will save you lots of time.

Yes I purchased the professional version and happy and satisfied

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Another Testing FrameWork:

TestNG is another testing framework born with some pains using JUnit. It works for JDK1.5 with annotations. If you are not happy with JUnit then you can try consider using this one.

Test NG
Blog about Pains using JUnit by Buest the creator..
Eclipse Plugin info

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Lomboz Plug-In

Lomboz Plug-In

Lomboz is a eclipse plugin for J2EE developers.Seems to be useful.  plugin Desc link
J2EE plugin  Lomboz is an eclipse plug-in for J2EE developers by extending eclipse JDT. It employs some of the proven open-source technologies such as: Jasper, XDoclet, Axis and Ant. Supporting the complete development cycle: Code, deploy, test and debug


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Jupiter Plug-in for Eclipse

Jupiter Plugin For Eclipse

Code review and bug tracking is an essential part of any software development system. You can find popular tools for bug tracking like bugzilla and mantis and you can find mantis from this site. You can use it freely for your purposes.

What about a code review or bug tool integrated within an IDE and if that IDE is Eclipse. Well there is one plugin which does that and thats Jupiter Plugin for Eclipse. I installed and found it very very useful and its a great tool for free which you should make a try.

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