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drupal multi site installation

Installing drupal normally is a fairly easy task. The installation for 5.x is still much better than 4.x versions; its as easy as setting the database values correctly in the sites/default/settings.php config file and there you go after dropping the drupal on to your webserver drupal installs smoothly.

Drupal supports multisite installation with single code base with options of single database (prefixing the tables) or using multiple tables. Using single installation and single database is the easiest option and by default the settings.php normally go into the sites/default folder.

Okay to support multiple site is sometimes crucial and drupal supports multisite installation on a single code base. Okay there are documentation but that sometimes may look scary for you. Actually installting multisite is easy. Just follow the steps I outline here. But before that some of the benefits for multiple site installation.

Posted in Submitted by rizwan on Sat, 2007-08-18 10:40.

new theme

I keep on changing the themes and this time I changed it to a black background theme with white fonts and my previous one was having a greenish look with some flash videos in the header and that seemed to look good.

I keep on experimenting to get the best possible look for my site and let me see how this new theme fairs. I have also changed the color pack of gallery to black so it suits with the main sites theme.

Hope you like it and do put your comments if you feel that it is worth the time

Posted in Submitted by rizwan on Sun, 2007-08-12 10:53.

slideshows in gallery

One of the features I like most in gallery photo software is its slideshow module. When you want to have a quick glimpse of the album fastly or after a long time you want to refresh your memory with your albums slideshows are a great way to do that.

Here are some of the slideshows in my albums 

slideshow for one of the album for srilankan trip
slide show for kumarakom album
slide show for jarirbookstore it dept

Posted in Submitted by rizwan on Tue, 2007-07-10 15:18.

site upgrades

since drupal 5.x is getting stable i decided to upgrade my site from drupal 4.6. Obviously you get to thinking for the necessity of upgrade when your current site runs smoothly or you have played a lot with contributed modules and upgrading is simply just a pain

Anyways I wanted to to the upgrade as I can see all the contributed modules ported to 5 and the old theme just started to look boring. 

Posted in Submitted by rizwan on Tue, 2007-07-03 16:11.

upgrades, upgrades..

Posted in Submitted by rizwan on Mon, 2006-05-22 17:54.

dreadful too many connections message

so finally my site was seeing the dreadful message 'too many connections' and appears that the site was down when I was checking at 2 am early morning

well I was awake because it is week-end and friday morning and so can sleep till afternoon and normally watch a movie late night thursday actually I bought 'rang de basanti' VCD but tuned it to ONE tv and happend to see tha 'father of bride 1' comdey movie and then was hooked to that 

so this too many connections was a problem from the host so contacted them and now it is fixed I was wondering may be since I upgraded my drupal may be it could have caused the problem but anyways things are okay now.

Posted in Submitted by rizwan on Fri, 2006-02-24 10:52.

drupal themes

I was looking for a very nice theme for Drupal and has been testing various themes and of late I was happy with the friends-electric theme (it as selected for DrupalCon) it was table-less and working great but some what I disliked the fonts and bluish look of which I knew it will be a big work to change the css. I was again searching for a better theme and I found the fancy theme which is what right now running but it is using lots of tables which is not good for adsense layouts.

Another major thing is I upgraded Drupal from 4.6 to 4.6.5 and it turned out to be a easy job as I was having nightmares long before when I tried to upgrade from 4.6 to 4.6.1 because of the security  of xmlrpc.php and so I removed it in 4.6 and i was not able to use any desktop blogging tool as you know blogging from the site seems to be a tiresome work though tinymce does a fabulous job. So now I am running 4.6.5 and blogging from flock browser isnt that cool and I think now my site is pinging technorati so hopefully I might get more traffic becasue of that.

Posted in Submitted by rizwan on Sat, 2006-02-18 15:44.

using technorati module

just testing the new technorati tags module and check that it works or not
Posted in Submitted by rizwan on Fri, 2006-02-17 18:36.
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