corniche road (AlKhobar)

This is the corniche road in AlKhobar. There is a showroom for Jarir Bookstore which is often visited and located in the prime area.
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desert rides 1

Somes times biking with kids is dangerous in the desert as you can see in this video I am trying to help one kid who has fallen along with the biker.

Man this sport is thrilling, adventorous and dangerous  

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desert ride

Desert rides are the most popular sport in these sandy beaches at Half Moon coast in AlKhobar. You can ride in motorbikes or powerful SUVs and there is huge sport activity (like gaming i guess) and you can see lot of the natives thronging there and having fun

Riding in bike in the desert is a fun but hard sport till you master the art of riding. The initial rides will leave your bike drowned in the sand and your wheels getting jammed in the sand. So you get out and pull your bike in the desert and come down and then try again.

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Sandy Desert near Half Moon Coast (dammam)

This is the road near the half moon coast (where all people throng in week-ends) it is a nice view to look at the sandy desert as well see some hard desert rides in motor bikes as well as in SUV's.
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Bahrain Bridge Panoramic View

This is the panoramic view, standing at the top of a tower. it gives great look the whole bridge.
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Bahrain Bridge

This is the Bahrain Bridge in AlKhobar, Dammam going from AlKhobar to Bahrain. I think it is some 40-50 kms where the half of the distance is shared by both countries and in the center you have the customs and immigration.
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